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Recycling PVC : Rewarding uPVC recyclers on time, every time

Get paid the true value of your scrap uPVC window frames immediately!

With our state of the art technology for scrap PVC recycling we have the lowest conversion costs in the industry, meaning we can pay you the best prices with the best payment terms for all your scrap uPVC window frames, doors & profile offcuts.  WE ACCEPT GLASS CONTAMINATED LOADS !

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Have a look at our video to see why we are so passionate about recycling PVC scrap window frames

Why choose Recycling PVC Limited?

"You want the best for your business; so do we".

Recycling PVC: Cash for scrap uPVC window frames


State of the art technology

Because our new uPVC window frame recycling technology is so efficient, we have low conversion costs and so we can offer the best prices in the industry for your scrap PVC window frames. 


Best payment terms

We know you cant afford to be kept waiting for payment. We offer the best payment terms in the industry for all your scrap uPVC window frames, profile off cuts and doors.


Created by recyclers for recyclers

Because we understand the needs of the recycling industry and window fabricators, we can accept any colour frame and even contaminated & mixed loads. We can recycle both post consumer & manufacturing offcuts without you having to separate them. We just ask that you contact us first to agree the details. We pride ourselves on working to give our suppliers the solutions they need - every time. 

Partner with us to recycle PVC window frames

Partner with us

Work with us and let us help you grow your scrap window frames business.

We can supply 55 yard bins for you to fill with your scrap frames and we'll collect them from you.

We offer best prices and payment terms and we are commited to working with you for the long term. 

Why Recycling uPVC window frames matters

There are many ways to derive value from recycling used uPVC window frames and doors. The best route is determined by assessing the mix of environmental, logistical, economic and market considerations.

Our priority is keep waste uPVC windows frames & doors out of landfill and have it re-manufactured into useful products.

When people say that recycling spent uPVC materials is not worth the effort: that is simply not true. uPVC, like all other thermoplastic materials, can be recycled and if the right technology is used even post consumer, contaminated uPVC window frames and doors can be economically recycled. 

Our aim is to ensure a net environmental benefit through reducing the use of primary resources and or diverting resources from landfill whilst making sure that all involved in the process are properly rewarded for their effort.

With our state of the art uPVC recycling technology and by offering the best prices & payment terms we do our bit to promote sustainable use of uPVC.


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The Old Gasworks
Royton, Oldham
Registered in England & Wales
Company number 11616348


Phone: 0161 470 7731 (office)
              073 9118 9118 (mobile)

UK Recycling for waste:

uPVC window frames
uPVC doors
uPVC profile offcuts
uPVC  decking boards
uPVC facias & soffits
uPVC fencing panels

If you have other waste uPVC products and you are unsure if we can accept them, just give us a call.